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The ACB30 and ACB35 are concealed Active Chilled beams that are installed in the ceiling, above a linear diffuser in order to keep a similar appearance to a conventional all-air system. Both models can be either 1 or 2-way discharge, depending on the type of diffuser chosen. The two models are similar and are applied in the same way. The 30 and 35 have different physical dimensions in order to accommodate different spatial constraints in buildings.

All of the comfort, maintenance, and energy benefits of chilled beam systems in general, but with a different, and often more desirable appearance than typical ceiling cassette units.

Office buildings, especially in retrofits of floor mounted induction unit systems. These are typically installed around the perimeter of office buildings under continuous or discrete linear diffusers. In induction unit retrofits, the existing ductwork and piping risers are reused.

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