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The ACB40 and ACB50 are 2’ wide ceiling cassette style Active Chilled Beams that offer the highest cooling and heating performance at any given unit length. The ACB40 is a 2-way discharge version, and the ACB50 is 1-way discharge. Both models have nearly identical appearances to provide a consistent look throughout a building.

The high performance of the ACB40 & ACB50 allow for the most energy efficient and/or cost-effective active chilled beam systems possible. This is because these models can either:

  • Meet a given cooling load with less primary air than other models
  • Meet a given cooling load with fewer and/or shorter beams than other models

Like active chilled beams in general, the ACB40 and ACB50 are suited for high sensible load applications such as universities, office space, laboratories, and hospitals.

Versatile, general purpose active chilled beam for applications where humidity can be reliably controlled and the physical dimensions and appearance of the units are appropriate for the space.

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